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For over 30 years, CE-TECH has provided high-quality medical device repair services throughout the southeastern United States.  The corporate headquarters are located in Jacksonville, FL with satellite offices centrally located in Florida, Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina.

Our success and customer satisfaction record is the cornerstone of our business, providing quality Clinical Engineering Services in a timely fashion at cost effective prices. We feel that our service programs provide the best value money can buy. Our commitment to deliver cost effective services while maintaining the highest industry standard guarantees your satisfaction.


The best healthcare providers achieve quality and sustainable outcomes by effectively utilizing and managing their medical equipment. Effective equipment management ranges from simple items that require routine care to highly sophisticated and complex machines requiring scheduled specialized service and maintenance.
Medical equipment is an important component of our delivery of care. Our industry’s “tools” continue to change and evolve, driven by technological and clinical innovations and higher standards. These devices and systems are the essential tools of our health professionals and they must be professionally managed.
Each new generation of medical equipment can bring a rise in capability, performance and complexity. These new systems require increased specialized training, dedicated operators and service technicians to effectively operate the equipment. Changes in the healthcare industry have challenged administrators to control costs while continuing to deliver high-quality care with limited resources.
Implementing and maintaining an effective equipment management plan in your facility is critical to keep pace with the changes in health service delivery. By closely managing your equipment, you will be minimizing patient risk and sustaining maximum service benefit from the devices, thereby achieving the best value for your medical equipment investment.
Having well-documented and accurate fixed asset management records are of the utmost importance, as medical equipment generally represents a large portion of a healthcare provider’s assets. Managing equipment inventories can be a challenging and work intensive. 
Effectively managing an equipment investment can:

  • Ensure delivery of measured maintenance practices, designed to improve productivity and extend the useful life of the asset

  • Reduce inventory costs by standardizing equipment and supplies; lowering management costs and helps avoid costly and low performing devices

  • Increase warranty coverage and contract costs by closely tracking repairs and performing assessments of product operational liabilities

  • Ensure availability of systems and tools for healthcare providers to utilize to deliver quality care to the patients

  • Improve asset reliability and manage regulatory risks

Effective Asset Management takes close monitoring of your medical equipment’s inventory, operation and required maintenance. CE-Tech can simplify vendor service management for all your medical equipment. We can assume single responsibility for both delivery and service management for all of your clinical and diagnostic imaging equipment.
The services we provide are designed to help customers meet regulatory requirements, while effectively maintaining a wide variety of clinical systems. As experts in our field, the result enables us to pass lower costs directly back to you. Our customized biomedical service programs assure you total control of your medical equipment maintenance.

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