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Why Purchase Pre-Owned Equipment?

Will you need to purchase medical equipment in the future?

If the answer is YES, why not consider purchasing certified, quality pre-owned equipment through CE-Tech? 

Things to consider when purchasing pre-owned equipment.

  • How much money will be saved?  Pre-owned equipment could save the buyer well over half of the cost for new models.  Working with a knowledgeable professional, who is experienced in obtaining pre-owned equipment could ultimately save you thousands of dollars.  At CE-Tech, we have the background determining the usable economic life of equipment, getting the best pricing and skillfully maintaining the equipment during its lifetime.

  • Will the equipment last?   We follow high industry standards to ensure the pre-owned equipment we obtain is fully tested and serviced based on our reseller commitment.  Many research studies have shown that used equipment can have the same long and productive life as new equipment.  In fact, many used pieces of equipment have the reputation to last for years while still out-producing and requiring less maintenance than new machines.

  • Why is pre-owned equipment sold?  Often times, companies divest themselves of pre-owned equipment that is otherwise in excellent condition because of changes in contracts, increased demands for the latest technology, overstock of inventory, physician preferences, etc.  We often know when and where these divestments will take place, which enables us to pass the information on to our valued customers.

  • Why purchase pre-owned equipment through CE-Tech?  When purchasing quality pre-owned equipment from CE-Tech, you have the peace of mind and the confidence knowing that one of our skilled engineers has ensured its working condition before it’s delivered to you.


At CE-Tech, our main focus is to actively reduce expenses associated with the acquisition, management, technology and utilization of medical equipment.  In lieu of large, costly capital expenditures for new equipment, acquiring certified quality pre-owned equipment from CE-Tech enables us to pass along SUBSTANTIAL savings to you!  You get much more than a used piece of equipment, you get 30 years of experience and integrity backed by CE-Tech.


If you DO NOT see what you are looking for, let us know. We are a certified pre-owned reseller and can typically find what you are looking for.  You tell us what you need and WE will do ALL the research to locate the equipment.  Once the equipment is found, then you decide if you want to purchase it.  There is NO RISK and NO COMMITMENT!  CE-Tech will QUALIFY and CERTIFY the equipment and offer installation and service after the sale. 

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