Depot Level Technical Services

CE-TECH offers Depot-level repairs on various types of clinical equipment and accessories. Our commitment to reduce cost of scheduled/unscheduled maintenance includes depot repairs. Our program is designed to assist facilities in providing quality services at cost effective prices. Practically any item that is reasonable to ship is a candidate for depot repair. Below is a short list of the more popular items CE-TECH provides services for.


• Pumps (Infusion, PCA, Feeding, Syringe)     
• Aspirators
• Defibrillators
• Electrosurgical Machines
• Hyper-Hypothermia Machines
• Blenders (Overhauls)
• Ventilators (PM's & Overhauls)
• Pulse Oximeters & Probes
• Gas Monitors
• Blood Pressure Monitors
• Adult/Infant Monitors
• Centrifuges
• Regulators (O2, Suction)
• Fetal Transducers
• Footswitches (various)
• Autoclaves 


Depot Solutions Include:

• Free estimate
• Quality repair
• Timely turnaround
• Reasonable cost
• 90 day warranty
• Visa/MasterCard accepted



CE-TECH has provided high quality medical device repair and calibration services for over two decades. Our success and customer satisfaction record is the cornerstone of our business, Providing Quality Engineering Services in a timely fashion at Competitive Prices. This can only be accomplished by utilizing our highly trained and credentialed engineering staff to your fullest advantage. Whether your in-house department is loaded down or you just need a service option, give CE-TECH a call for a free needs assessment and find out how we can help.

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