Pulmonary & Respiratory Technical Services

CE-TECH offers quality services on a variety of Pulmonary & Respiratory equipment.
Service agreements are customized to the customer's needs, not the vendor's
 bottom-line. Time and material calls are welcome.



Device Types Include:

• Stress systems
• Pulmonary Function Machines   
• Ventilators (all types)
• Pulse Oximetry
• 12 Lead EKG machines
• Blenders
• EEG machines  

• Video Equipment
• Blood Gas/Co-Oximeters
• Respirometers
• Respirators
• Nebulizers
• Apnea monitors
• Airway Pressure monitors 

Benefits Include:


• Proven PM program - Mandatory Scheduled Parts Replacements
• Automated scheduling via our computerized equipment management software
• Equipment tracking for quality assurance and inventory verification
• Work order filing onsite
• PM and service history reports upon request
• Compliance with all regulatory agencies

CE-TECH's 24 Hour On-Call coverage allows customers to speak with a service engineer at the time of malfunction. In many cases the problem is resolved over the phone. Rest assured, if it is not, we're on our way. If your facility has a need to reduce service cost without sacrificing quality, please call CE-TECH today for a free service needs assessment.

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