Stainless Steel Instruments

CE-TECH can now offer unlimited Surgical Instrument repair capabilities with the convenience of two different service options. Whether you choose our Central Repair Facility or the Mobile Repair Service, you can be confident that CE-TECH has the expertise and resources to meet all of your instrument repair needs. We can conquer the most difficult repair challenges. Benefits to your facility include shorter turnaround time, no shipping or receiving costs, and improved physician satisfaction. 


Why you should consider our hand instrument repair services:

• We sharpen by hand using a 20x microscope and this persistent attention to detail 

• CE-TECH prolongs the life of your instruments by removing less material

• We have consistent quality and process control

• We will maintain the original shape and dimensions of your instruments

• We view the instrument the same way the surgeon sees it

• CE-TECH lowers your costs by refurbishing instruments usually considered
 "unrepairable" by others

• Our on-site repair van is the largest in the industry and offers the greatest
capabilities, such as:

  Working 20x microscope for hand sharpening
  TIG welding
  Laparoscopic repair
  Diamond dusting
  Extensive part /manufacturing



  • General & Micro instruments
  • Laparoscopic
  • Specialty instruments
  • Color coding
  • Diamond dusting
  • Extensive parts/manufacturing
  • Modifications
  • Gold plating
  • Date stamping
  • TIG welding




We are sure you'll find our innovative and unique capabilities give you high quality repairs, quick turnaround time with on-site repair, reduced costs and increased physician satisfaction and patient care.  


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