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Miles Scientific TissueTek VIP 2000

The VIP is a unitized, self-contained instrument, requiring only an electrical power connection. It prepares 100, 200 or 300 tissue specimens for embedding, sectioning and staining.  It is equipped with automatic controls, programmable by the operator and liquid reservoirs for processing reagent to fix, dehydrate, clear and paraffin-impregnate the tissue specimens. This benchtop tissue processing chamber is stainless steel. The retort is equipped with a gasketed latching cover to maintain pressure or vacuum.  Tissue specimens in cassettes are placed into baskets, which fit into the retort. An air inlet provides for pressurization or vacuum. A fluid duct at the bottom allows solutions to be pumped into or out of the retort.

• The retort is a paraffin oven which holds four paraffin pots
• Heaters maintain the at controlled temperatures
• An air pressure/vacuum pump produces air pressure for movement of liquids and alternating pressure and vacuum during processing
• Electronics module contains power supply, programming panel, displays, microprocessor-based control and battery circuit
• The rack contains 14 reservoirs for specimen processing solutions and two for cleaning solutions
• Reservoir and paraffin covered spill trays
• Alarming overflow sensors indicate the pump-out cycle

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